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Slip/Trip & Fall Attorney in Westlake Village, California

Representing You in Your Premises Liability Case with Confidence

According to the National Safety Council, falls are one of the leading causes of injuries in the United States, resulting in approximately 8.9 million visits to the emergency room each year. Older adults are more prone to become victims of a fall, and often, the severity of the injury leads to a diminished ability to lead an active life. Remarkably, most falls are preventable.

At Michael L. Justice Attorney at Law, our skilled and experienced attorney represents victims of premises liability. If you have suffered a slip/trip or fall accident in Westlake Village, or any of the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, including Ventura, San Bernardino, or Torrance, California, reach out today to schedule a consultation with our attorney.

Injured on Someone Else's Property?

Guidance Backed by Decades of Experience

For 28 years, our attorney, Michael Justice, has represented people who have suffered serious and life-altering injuries as a result of a fall. Our firm has extensive experience and a proven track record of success in obtaining compensation for people who have been injured in a fall. We have handled a wide variety of premises liability cases, including a fall in a darkened movie theater, a construction site, an empty elevator shaft, slippery floors at a supermarket, uneven walking surfaces, and dark residential walkways, just to name a few.

Handling premises liability cases requires the use of expert witnesses, usually in engineering or human factors. We routinely dedicate our efforts to finding the facts that establish liability when other firms would just give up. We give each client the time and attention required to get the most out of your case. Whereas most other firms can’t or won’t handle a premises liability case, we take pride in helping people obtain compensation for devastating injuries they suffer in a fall accident.

Do not put your well-being or your future in the hands of just anyone. Trust our exceptional attorney in Westlake Village to take the lead and seek solutions for you. You deserve fair compensation to cover the costs associated with your recovery. Let's get started today.