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Child Injuries, Abuse, & Molestation Attorney in Westlake Village, California

Protecting Those Who Need it Most

Children are the most innocent victims of all. When children suffer injuries when those in charge are not keeping a watchful eye, or even when they are intentionally harmed, Michael Justice is the lawyer to retain as he has a special passion for helping children.

For many years, Michael has represented children who have been molested or abused in foster care. On several occasions, Michael has represented young girls molested by their foster fathers or abused in other ways. In one case, Michael represented an 11-year old girl whose foster mother brought her in for medical treatment fourteen times in one year for injuries to her head, face, and body before those in charge finally realized something was wrong. Michael’s efforts resulted in a substantial settlement for the young girl.

The Representation You Deserve

A particular challenge lies in proving liability against the foster care agency or the county agency that manages or controls the foster care environment. Unfortunately, the foster parents themselves are often uninsured. And, those foster parents with insurance are frequently denied coverage because of various policy exclusions involving child abuse or molestation. Only a lawyer with a proven track record in finding the appropriate sources of recovery should be trusted with a case involving injuries to a young child. Michael Justice is such a lawyer.