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Slip/Trip and Fall & Employment Discrimination Attorney in Westlake Village, California

Attorney Michael Justice

Michael L. Justice

Attorney at Law

I knew I wanted to be a lawyer from a young age, taking inspiration from a class government project. My passion lies in representing people, not big corporations. My commitment to my clients, paired with my trial abilities, makes me the legal partner you want fighting for you. If you've been injured in a slip-and-fall accident or harassed at work, contact my office in Westlake Village today. I proudly represent clients in surrounding areas of Los Angeles, Ventura, the San Fernando Valley, San Bernardino, and throughout the state of California.


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Attorney Mike Justice

Attorney Michael Justice was recently featured on KCRA 3 regarding one of his recent cases

Start Moving Forward After a Fall

A bad fall can change your life in the blink of an eye. From loose floorboards to cluttered walkways, life presents many seemingly insignificant dangers. When the negligence of a property owner led to your injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Start working with a slip/trip and fall attorney to seek the outcome you deserve.

At my firm, Michael L. Justice Attorney at Law, I have spent decades representing clients in their premises liability cases. I've seen firsthand the damage a small act of carelessness can cause, both to people's physical and emotional health. You don't have to suffer in silence. Reach out to me for legal guidance in California.

If a thoughtless property manager caused you to slip—or trip—and fall, you were the victim. Don't let them portray you otherwise. I'm ready to help you hold them accountable and see to it that your rights are defended. Allow me to advocate on your behalf so you can start your path toward a brighter future.

I serve clients throughout California in their pursuits of fair compensation. Talk to me about your slip/trip and fall case. I'm here to listen. Contact me in Westlake Village if you've been injured in Los Angeles, Ventura, the San Fernando Valley, or San Bernardino. I'll set you up with a consultation so you can start telling your story.

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Success Stories

Construction Site Fall

I represented a construction worker who fell down an unmarked and unguarded elevator shaft. The general contractor denied fault and testified that he warned my client about the elevator shaft and placed yellow caution tape in front of the doorway.

After I subpoenaed two witnesses who testified that the contractor did not warn my client and that the caution tape was placed in front of the door after the accident, my client received a $992,000 settlement.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

My client, a female police officer, was constantly sexually harassed by two of her supervisors. After she made it clear she was not interested in any type of relationship with her supervisor, they retaliated against her and terminated her employment.

I settled my client's case for $380,000.

Rotted Deck Fall

My client fell through a rotted wooden deck in the home he was renting. He suffered several broken bones that required two surgeries. Throughout the case, the landlord claimed that he did not have notice of the dangerous condition and accused my client of knowing about the rotted deck but neglecting to notify him.

Through discovery and investigation, I was able to prove the landlord had been given notice of the deteriorated deck. I settled the case during mediation for $1,525.000, which included a $1 million payment from the insurance company, and $525,000 from the Landlord Defendants.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

I represented a client whose coworker made sexual comments to her and even invited her out to his car. When she refused, he became upset and tried to undermine her performance. When she complained to Human Resources, they took sides with the harasser and refused to investigate or take any corrective action. She was eventually forced to quit because the tension in the office was more than she could tolerate.

I conducted several depositions, and just before trial, the defense firm agreed to a settlement of $525,000.

Protection Against the Powerful

When you go into work each day, you expect an environment free of hostility, discrimination, or harassment of any kind. Unfortunately for many, this is not always the case. If you feel that your rights as an employee have been violated, get in touch with an employment discrimination attorney who can help you pursue justice.

Since 1995, I've dedicated my career to helping Californians fight back against sexual harassment and other types of workplace discrimination. Taking on large organizations is the name of my game. I'm ready to walk you through the legal process and equip you with the tools you need to succeed.

Do you feel like you receive harsher criticisms because of your gender? Did a younger, less-qualified coworker receive a promotion you clearly deserved? Don't sit back and let your employer make you feel powerless. Reach out to an attorney that knows the ins and outs of employment law and can help you fight for fair results.

At Michael L. Justice Attorney at Law, I thrive when my clients are able to take back their power. Let me help you do the same. From my office in Westlake Village, I work with clients throughout California. If you live in Los Angeles, Ventura, the San Fernando Valley, or San Bernardino, contact me today to request a consultation.