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Age Discrimination Attorney in Westlake Village, California

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Age discrimination cases often have a common fact pattern. An older worker who has devoted years of her life to a company suddenly finds herself under the supervision of a new supervisor who is convinced that a younger and supposedly more dynamic workforce is the way to climb the corporate ladder. The older worker suddenly receives constant criticism, micro-managing, below-average performance reviews, and disciplinary action for unjustified reasons. All this is designed to demoralize the employee and force her to quit, thereby making room for the younger employee the new supervisor prefers. If the employee does not quit, the repeated disciplinary action and poor performance reviews pave the way for the new supervisor to justify termination.

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In California, the law protects workers 40 years or older from adverse employment actions based on the employee’s age.

Only a lawyer experienced in handling age discrimination cases should represent you because the proof is often difficult. No employer will ever admit that an employee was fired because of her age. If you have experienced age discrimination, you need a lawyer who knows what questions to ask and what documents to obtain to expose the employer’s true discriminatory motivation.